Welcome to Nevermore North Studios, LLC

We are a small gaming company based out of Seattle, WA, creating independent games with our team of five. We started as a nerd with a dream, and through many littered corpses of our attempts, found our way here, where we are finally working on the thing we love: games!

Take a look around, engage with us, tell us about your stories and ask us about ours. The sky is the limit and we’re shooting for the stars.

The Games we work on

Nevermore North Studios, LLC works on tons of different types of games from adventure platformers to RPGs to twitch-integrated challenge games. Our current project, Limus Keep, is the latter! We’ve done several smaller games with only one artist and one coder, but Limus Keep is our first fully developed game by our team under our actual logo! We’re hoping to get published like proper developers, but should we not succeed, we’ll look at several options like kickstarter to fund our finisher. You’ll find examples of our artists’ stuff all over this website as content is created, from the beautiful illustrator work by Adriana Lippy to the concept art by Sethron Bowman.


Our Games

Minor Games

Major Works