Developers are wonderful tools of Development!

Yesterday one of our esteemed developers finally got the wiring working on our portals. Now, my brethren can enter rooms as they please, but only to the room’s capacity limit. We wouldn’t want the ambiance to become too claustrophobic! Though there’s no way for slimes to LEAVE the room, which is a real architectural flaw. Oh well, you get what you pay for, and I’m not paying these developers anything, so I suppose I should just accept the results. In any case, more updates to┬ácome!

Lord Slimerton.

Um, you forgot to tell them we gave slimes and the adventurer health, and that the combat skeleton is working properly. -Dev Team

No I didn’t, I’m just ignoring that. – LS

You know we don’t work for you, right? – Dev Team

Yes you do, now build an exit so more of my friends can come in my game room. – LS

There are other ways to lower the slime population in a room… – Dev Team

Oh? What’s that? – LS

Let me go get the adventurer prefab. I’ll show you. – Dev Team.

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