Nevermore North is a gaming company located in the mostly-rainy, coffee-fueled, food-centralized, hipster-filled city of Seattle. Led by our fearless team of game wizards and data dwarves, we are devoted to making engaging stories that are fun to play.


Brendan Keating
Design Lead, Codemonkey


Brendan Keating is Nevermore North’s founder, lead designer, and all around idea guy. A consummate recruiter, he possesses the unique talent to get just about anyone excited about just about anything, no matter how obscure or nerdy.


Megan Durham
SEO Specialist, Web developer

Megan Durham is Nevermore North’s Jill of all trades. From making the website to designing the music, she fills in all the cracks here at the office, whether that’s as a financial backer or all-around whip cracker. Read more about her at

Jessica Sills
Project Manager, Codemonkey

Jessica is an Engineer by day and a code monkey by night, but perhaps her most valuable skill is being able to keep people on task. Her talents are wide and varied, but here at the office she’s the one who brings the notebook and gets her tasks done while also making sure everyone else gets their own tasks done. It’s a thankless job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Sethron Bowman
Concept Artist, Web Designer

Sethron Bowman is the Nevermore North team artist and the reason why our website and splash pages look as awesome as they do. She does digital painting and sketching and works a Patreon on her off hours, making money on this art thing she does. Find more of her art at

Adriana Lippy
Lead Animator, Artist

Adriana Lippy is an artist at Nevermore North. Her day job is scientific illustration, but sometimes she likes to take a day off from drawing bacteria and work on video games instead. See her medical and scientific illustration at

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