Today I introduce Jessica Sills

Friends and Benefactors!

Another Wednesday down, another set of tasks hits the dust!

I would like to introduce one of our amazing coders, Jessica Sills. She graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering, with a focus on embedded systems. This is her first game coding project, but her work on the weapons systems of the game is already amazing!

Jessica’s skills at text parsing will have her focusing on the twitch integration aspects of the project, from interpreting incoming commands to interacting with Twitch’s chat and messaging client.

She ALSO does a great job of keeping¬†Brendan Joseph Keating‘s code clean and safe. I mean seriously, who uses public fields instead of serializing them?

In any case, we’re excited to have Jessica on board, and this project couldn’t happen without her.

Warmest Regards,
Lord Slimerton

Dude. I spent an hour working on your new chamber last night, and you didn’t even mention it. – Brendan

Yes. And then you spent about fifteen minutes using my assorted family members as trampolines with the bounce behavior, either murdering them or giving them severe back problems in the process. – LS

You… you guys are slimes. You don’t have a skeletal structure, let alone a back. – Brendan

Still. Rude. – LS


Lady Skeleslime begs to differ.

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