Adriana or, Lady Skeleslime if you prefer, Gets Introduced!

Friends! Lovers! Comrades!

Last night, we did the first couple of steps toward making the castle a little more… ANIMATED. Our dev team rigged up the first set of animations! I know, a little obvious, but we’ve been running around the castle with our hands rigidly held at our sides for a while now. Especially when Brendan ‘accidentally’ left a test of the scene running over night.

I want to give a huge thank you and a warm introduction to the woman who made our animations... and really ALL of us, possible. Adriana Lippy is responsible for our delightful figures and models, for our animations, and basically all of the gorgeous art currently in the game. She has a Masters of Science in medical art, as well as a Certificate in Natural Science Illustration from the University of Washington. This is her second game project, the first having been made for a Ludum Dare competition.

This weekend, the team is getting together to do an overnight jam on our castle, which will provide considerable progress on our team’s second sprint! The hope is that by the end of this second sprint, select hands will be able to play one of our builds, and we’ll generate screen shots and videos to show all of you.

Thank you all very much for engaging already, and the dev team and I can’t wait to show you what we’re putting together!

Lord Slimerton

So when are you going to write me up? I can’t *wait* to see that… – Brendan

When you do something worthy of writing up. – LS

You know, I was just thinking. If we leave a build running all weekend, at maybe 2x speed, we could see if there’s anything in our code that deteriorates over time. – Brendan

You… you monster… -LS


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