‘Tis I, Lord Slimerton, here to Welcome you to the development of Limus Keep!

You might be asking, “But Lord Slimerton, just what IS Limus Keep?” A valid question to be sure. My friends, the… somewhat unorthodox… team at Nevermore North are building a roguelike action platformer where knavish miscreants wreak havoc on my ancestral home.

While there, adventurers will fight endless varieties of slimes while collecting loot, weapons, and equipment. Surely, we shall unseat them whilest we mount a defense worthy of the Slimerton name!

In addition, you‘ll be able to broadcast your exploits to the world, thanks to the wonderful fellows at Twitch. There, your viewers will be able to become slimes themselves, customize their abilities, and fight back against these cruel oafs!

Lord Slimerton

Note: Lord Slimerton is not speaking on behalf of Nevermore North when he calls our players cruel oafs. – Dev Team

Yes I am. -LS

No you’re not. We talked about this. -Dev Team

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