As it turns, Weapons and Equipment are our next go-to.

Good morrow, friends! It is I, Lord Slimerton, here to tell you more about our illustrious endeavor. The development team is hard at work (They’d better be, or I’ll cut their rations again…) refining the skeleton of Limus Keep in to a vertical slice ready to show off! Next on the team’s chopping block is to equip my friends and make them slightly less… bare. Weapons and equipment will help my brothers and sisters distinguish themselves on the field of battle! The art team is also hard at work making our hero look less foolish when she opposes us. Surely, for our slimes to fight in a battle they’ll be proud of, they need a majestic, graceful villain to engage!

As soon as we have enough put together to show, we’ll be posting gifs to give you, our faithful early audience, a look inside Limus Keep!!

Lord Slimerton, Esquire, Baron of Slimecadia.

Did… did you just give yourself a title? – Dev Team

Yes. That’s how all nobles do it- They just keep putting words after their name until it sounds right. – LS

That’s… that’s not how ANY of that works. – Dev Team

Are YOU a noble? – LS

N-no… – Dev Team

Thought not. – LS

Wait, what was that about ‘rations’? – Dev Team


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